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Your skincare routine boxed off.

Carbon Copy

5 useful tips to help your everyday skincare

By Ellie Hummerston

October 06, 2022 • 2 min read

5 useful tips to help your everyday skincare

Struggling with your skincare routine? Burnt out by the bazillions of options or annoyed that nothing seems to be working for you? We’ve got you covered. Carbon Copy is all about no-BS skincare advice to help you make the most of your skincare routine and ensure your skincare is working for you.

Today, we’re sharing five tips to make the most of your everyday skincare routine. 

  • Figure out your minimums
  • Short on time? Overslept by, a lot? Rather than skipping your skincare routine altogether because you can’t manage all 10 steps, at a time when you’re not running to catch your train, you need to figure out your skincare minimums. That means knowing the absolute essentials that will keep your skin in good shape but take less than five minutes to apply. Need some guidance? Go for the basics: cleanse, treat and protect. That means a cleanser that suits your skin type, a treatment (such as a light layer of Spot Paste on that pesky chin pimple) and SPF. Congrats, you’ve made it to the station in time for the train.

  • Essential protection
  • You’re probably sick of hearing about this by now, but you always, always, always need to wear SPF. If there’s one thing you need in your skincare arsenal, it’s our SPF50+. The Sun increases skin ageing and the risks of skin cancer, and generally is just not great for your skin. No matter how cloudy it is outside, SPF is a necessity - it might be basically dark out, but those UV rays are still getting through.

  • The double cleanse
  • If you’ve been following tip number 2, or you like to wear makeup, then this is another essential tip for you. Cleanse. And then cleanse again. 

    Yep, we’re talking about double cleansing. When you double cleanse, you make sure that your skin is properly clean before you apply anything else. Start with our Bi-Phase Cleansing Water to wash away makeup and SPF, then follow up with your cleanser of choice to actually get rid of any grime, sweat and flaky skin.

  • Spot treat
  • Struggling with a breakout? Time for some targeted action. Read that right? Yep, TARGETED. That means applying your breakout treatment where it needs to go - not necessarily all over your face. Especially if your skin is combination, so different areas of your skin need different treatment and care. 

    Take your time
    Rushing your routine might be doing more harm than good. A complex routine doesn't work if it doesn’t have time to actually work. Give your skincare time to actually soak in oak in between layers, and slow things down. Take your evening skincare routine as an opportunity to chill out, listen to some music or an audio book or solve that sudoku.

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