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Meet the Bi-Phase Cleansing Wash

By Ellie Hummerston

November 16, 2021 • 1 min read

Meet the Bi-Phase Cleansing Wash

Meet our brand new bestseller, our Bi-Phase Cleansing Water. Designed to gently remove 100% of make-up and dirt, resulting in brighter, tighter skin. Packed with soothing Vitamin E oil to melt make-up and hemp water to hydrate. As well as Symrelief - an anti-oxidant with soothing qualities to ensure that even the most sensitive skin is left calm and refreshed. Ultra-mild on skin, but tough on make-up.

So, what is bi-phase cleansing water? 

Bi-phase cleansing water is quite simply, a two-step cleanser. Combining an aqueous and oily cleanse, both stages have different responsibilities. 

Our Bi-Phase Cleanser is a double cleanse, but in one easy step. The oily part is packed with Vitamin E oil, which revitalises cells and dissolves make-up. While the aqueous part removes the oily film and reduces redness and irritation. As well as removing make-up, dirt and build-up, bi-phase cleansers are designed for all skin types, balancing and hydrating while cleansing. 

When to use bi-phase cleansing water

Cleanse, tone and moisturise. 

You’ve probably heard that this golden trio is the foundation of all skincare. And for good reason. A bi-phase cleanser should be the first step in your routine and it’s so easy to use. Just apply the product to a cotton pad and gently smooth it across your skin. There’s no need to scrub or rinse with water afterwards, instead, reveal super-soft skin in one easy step. 

Who should use bi-phase cleansing water?

Bi-phase cleansers are perfect for sensitive and stressed out skin, as well as those who wear waterproof make-up and contact lenses. 

Packed with simple and gentle ingredients, it melts make-up and build-up in an instant, without any harsh ingredients. 

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