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Carbon Copy

Q&A with DéDé Clarkson

By Ellie Hummerston

September 30, 2021 • 2 min read

Q&A with DéDé Clarkson

Ever wanted to know more about who’s really behind Carbon Theory? Carbon Copy ambushed DéDé Clarkson, Carbon Theory’s Senior Digital Executive, to talk about all things social media, skincare and Zoe Kravitz.

What do you do at Carbon Theory?

I’m the Senior Social Executive at Carbon Theory but that doesn’t mean I just watch TikToks all day (I wish). Instead I spend my days planning and scheduling content and campaigns for our social channels. A little bit of everything really. It’s always the best feeling seeing a campaign or a product launch come together. I especially love interacting with our community everyday and getting to know our customers! 

What’s your desert island Carbon Theory product?

I genuinely couldn’t live without my Spot Paste (it’s a life saviour when you have mascne). It might sound like an exaggeration but I literally use it every! single! day! Nothing clears my breakouts out like it. I usually apply it at the end of my evening skincare routine and wake up with a much smaller and way less angry breakout. Sometimes I even wear it when I’m working from home or when I’m staying in on the weekend.

What does your current skincare routine look like?

I have really dry skin and suffer from psoriasis so I rely on products that will protect and repair my skin whilst also being nourishing and hydrating. 

My AM skincare starts with a salicylic acid cleanser to help exfoliate, followed by serums and moisturiser. The final step is SPF. Always remember your SPF. I use the Carbon Theory Day-Lite SPF 50+. It’s so lightweight and hydrating and sits well under my makeup. 

For my PM routine I always double cleanse with a vitamin c oil cleanser to remove any makeup and SPF followed by a gel cleanser. After cleansing I apply serums (I use my Overnight Detox Serum if I have an active breakout), then I go in with a retinol and moisturiser. Last but not least, I apply the Spot Paste as there’s usually one or two pesky spots that need sorting out. 

How did you become interested in skincare?

My mum instilled the importance of having a skincare routine in me from around the age of 6 (not even kidding) so I’ve always cleansed, toned and moisturised my face twice daily as the bare minimum. I find skincare so interesting - especially how it works for different skin types. When the opportunity to work for Carbon Theory came up I jumped at it. Who wouldn’t want to spend every day talking about beauty products? 

If you could have a sneak peek at anyone’s skincare stash, who would it be?

I would love to know what products Zoe Kravitz uses in her skincare routine. Her skin is always glowing and her style is so cool and effortless so I know her products would be interesting.

Who on the Carbon Theory team should we ambush for our next Carbon Copy Q&A?

Pascale! She’s our Partnerships Manager. Two words. Glowing skin.

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