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Vitamin C & Caffeine Cleansers!

By Sam Carter

November 28, 2023 • 1 min read

Vitamin C & Caffeine Cleansers!

In the pursuit of radiant, healthy skin, we’ve harnessed the power of two of nature's most energetic ingredients: Vitamin C & Caffeine. A perfect combination that refreshes, detoxifies, and hydrates the complexion, ensuring that your skin glows at its brightest best. WE. ARE. OBSESSED.


Vitamin C: also known as Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, is a skincare essential celebrated for its brightening properties. A powerful antioxidant protecting your skin cells from damage that can lead to a dull complexion and premature ageing, it can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and uneven skin tone.


It also contains skin-soothing qualities, helping to calm irritated skin and reduce redness, making it a great choice for those with sensitive skin too. Vitamin C is quite simply your daily skin protector.


Caffeine: really is your skin’s morning cup of coffee, helping to reduce puffiness and inflammation, leaving your complexion refreshed and revitalised. It is also an excellent detoxifier, flushing out toxins from the skin. Along with its anti-inflammatory properties, caffeine really is an ally for those taking action against acne and blemishes.


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We’d lost count of how many times the Carbon Theory Community had asked us for a Vitamin C range. We might have taken our time, but we can assure you, the wait was well worth it. We’re so proud and pleased to share our two new cleansers with you now.


It’s time to say hello to a more radiant you.

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