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Should you change up your skincare in winter?29 Oct 2021

Should you change up your skincare in winter?

Should you change up your skincare in winter?

Apparently, it’s Autumn. 

No, we’re not sure what happened to Summer either. 

But, as you say goodbye to iced lattes and 9pm sunsets, it’s also time to think about what your skin needs during the colder months. From icy winds that dry out your skin to redness from switching temperatures (scalding hot showers and freezing temperatures), our skin needs a little more TLC in winter. But, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks to keep your skin looking its best during autumn and winter. 

Reduce redness with calming ingredients 

Prone to redness? Then you’ll probably find that winter can cause flare-ups. So, it’s worth looking for anti-inflammatory ingredients that calm redness and irritation. Ingredients like vitamin E, which revitalises and repairs the skin, or organic tea tree oil, which reduces inflammation and acts as a natural antiseptic, are ideal for cooler months. 


Yes. You still need SPF. 

OK, it’s winter. You can’t *see* the sun, but trust us, it’s still there and so are dangerous UV rays that can be absorbed by your skin. The safest option is to wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, every single day. Our SPF is jam-packed with moisturising ingredients to keep skin protected, no matter what the weather. 

Up your moisturising game

Speaking of moisturiser, autumn and winter means dry skin for many of us, especially in areas where your skin is more delicate (think around your eyes, nose and lips). So now’s the ideal time to add more hydration into your skin routine. That means plenty of moisturiser, morning and evening. Ingredients like shea butter and cranberry extract soothe and moisturise inflamed or irritated skin while restoring essential hydration.



Add oil into your skincare routine 

OK, winter means that skin needs a bit more nourishment. And, oil can help your skin to retain moisturiser. Especially oil that’s packed with organic activated charcoal that gently draws out bacteria, toxins and excess oil.