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The best treatments for hyperpigmentation20 Oct 2021

The best treatments for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be tricky to manage, but here are a few ways 

to balance uneven tone.

Noticed that your skin tone is looking a little uneven? You might be experiencing hyperpigmentation. 

So, what is hyperpigmentation? Hyperpigmentation is a general term used to describe a few common skin conditions — including post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) and sun spots — which causes patches of skin to become darker due to excess melanin. You’ll mostly see these patches on areas of skin that are exposed to the sun — such as your face and hands. 

What causes hyperpigmentation?

There are plenty of triggers that cause hyperpigmentation to flare up. From hormonal changes, UV-ray and sun exposure to certain medications (like the contraceptive pill), hyperpigmentation can be triggered by a number of different things. 

How do I treat hyperpigmentation?  

The first step to treating hyperpigmentation is to see your GP or dermatologist. They will be able to offer the best advice on how to treat your specific condition. While some cases might require chemical peels or laser treatment, most can be treated at home with a solid skincare routine. 

And, if your case is milder, you’ll want to invest in products that use glycolic acid or vitamin C. 


Glycolic acid is one of the best ingredients to speed the healing of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Glycolic acid quickly penetrates the skin and breaks down dead skin cells to reveal a more even complexion. Combined with tea tree oil to reduce redness and inflammation, our Cleansing Pads can help balance skin tone and texture.  

Use after cleansing and before moisturising. 


Vitamin C has been proven to help to fade and prevent dark spots, or hyperpigmentation, by reducing melanin production and preventing oxidation of existing pigmentation, which means that skin tone stays even. Our Overnight Detox Serum is packed with vitamin C to balance and even skin tone. 

Use after cleansing pads and before moisturising.