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The ultimate Halloween makeup cleansing guide

By Ellie Hummerston

October 25, 2022 • 1 min read

The ultimate Halloween makeup cleansing guide

What did you go for this year? Classic cat, all green She-Hulk or everyone’s 2022 fave, Eddie Munson. While you undoubtedly owned it, there always comes a horrific 2am realisation - how the hell do I get this off my face?

Carbon Theory has the ultimate guide to removing your Halloween makeup, no matter what you went as. 

1: Start with sparkles

Anyone else just cover their face in sequins and rhinestones as part of their Halloween look? Same babe. Start with removing anything you glued on, as a makeup remover or cleanser isn’t going to be much help. Hopefully, you stuck them down with eyelash glue and they can be easily flicked off, otherwise you’re going to need to break out the specialist remover that came with it. 

2: Breakout the biphase

You’re going to need something strong to remove that green face paint, and our Bi-Phase Cleansing Water is the answer. It melts through makeup, gently breaking it down to be rinsed away. Normally there’s no need to rinse, but it depends on how much makeup you applied. Rinse, and repeat.

3: Don’t forget your hairline wash tough-to-get spots 

Most of your makeup should be gone by now, but don’t forget to check your hairline, behind your ears and the back of your neck. Apply Bi-Phase Cleansing Water to a cotton pad to make sure you really get it all. 

4: Moisturise!

The final step after wearing that amount of makeup should be to apply a nourishing moisturiser. Our Facial Moisturiser is packed with Vitamin E to help repair your skin barrier after all that face paint, while also fighting off breakouts.

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