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By Ellie Hummerston

September 02, 2021 • 2 min read


We will never stop repeating this: WEAR. SPF. EVERYDAY.

Sunlight, the primary source of UV radiation, is a major contributor to common skin cancers, and incorporating Sun Protection Factor (SPF) into your daily skincare routine is the most effective way to shield against UV rays.

SPF quantifies the level of protection in a sunscreen product. If your product is labelled SPF50, it means your skin would take 50 times longer to burn while wearing it. Opting for broad-spectrum SPF ensures protection against both UVB and UVA rays, setting it apart from SPF that only shields against UVB rays.

Daily use of SPF also helps maintain a smoother and even skin tone by preventing sun-induced damage, such as dark spots, discoloration, and collagen breakdown.

The perfect skincare routine, incorporating cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturising, is simply incomplete without SPF. With it maximising the effectiveness of other skincare items, while also being vital for maintaining healthy skin, especially considering the heightened sensitivity caused by retinol and exfoliating acids.

The key message really is the daily application of SPF, whatever the season, whatever the weather. Forget the misconception that winter diminishes the need for sun protection, daily SPF use remains imperative.

The higher the protection factor, the better!

Aim for SPF50, preferably broad-spectrum, to safeguard against both UVA and UVB rays. This is crucial not just for preventing cancer but also for protecting against wrinkles, sagging, dullness, and uneven pigmentation.

Get to know the ingredients that work for you!

Not all SPFs are created equal. Consider your skin type, avoiding ingredients that may not suit you. Checking ingredient lists saves time, money, and ensures compatibility with your skin's needs.

If you wear makeup, you’ll want an SPF that plays well!

Ensure your chosen SPF interacts well with makeup. Waiting at least five minutes after application before makeup and using the correct amount are crucial to prevent makeup mishaps.

No chalkiness please!

Opt for an SPF that doesn't leave a white cast, especially if you have darker skin tones. Mineral and chemical hybrid sunscreens, like Carbon Theory’s new SPF, can provide effective protection without the unwanted chalkiness.

Enjoy it!

SPF should be a product you enjoy applying. Look for one that offers antioxidant benefits, a silky and lightweight feel, and keeps your skin moisturised and glowing. Regular application will showcase the positive difference that SPF can make in the long run.

Essentially, incorporating SPF into your daily routine is a non-negotiable step for optimal skincare and long-term skin health. Healthier and more resilient skin all-year round is yours to have. Just WEAR. SPF. EVERYDAY.

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