Carbon Theory


Meet the Exfoliating Body Bar 23 Jun 2022

Here’s the big secret. EVERYONE gets body acne. You might not see it on their faces (thanks Photoshop), but you...

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Carbon Theory x JXNZAY 9 Jun 2022

Um, so we have a new obsession.  Her name is JXNZAY (pronounced [jen-zay]), and she’s the storm that’s about to...

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Summer holiday skincare 1 Jun 2022

Not sure what to pack for your summer hols? Us neither, which is why we asked our mates in the...

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Retinol, what's the deal? 27 May 2022

Retinol, retinoid - it’s the skincare buzzword of the moment, but half the time no one ever actually explains what...

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Q&A with our Brand and Social Assistant 18 May 2022

Meet Alice, not only our Brand and Social Assistant, but running her amazing skincare Instagram Skincare By Alice. We caught...

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Meet Our New Product 5 May 2022

Introducing the Salicylic Acid & Shea Butter Exfoliating Cleansing Bar. *pause for applause* It’s new, it’s super-effective against spots and...

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Salicylic Acid 101 4 May 2022

Want to know how salicylic acid can benefit your skin and combat breakouts? We’ve got the lowdown on this powerhouse...

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Best Acne Treatment on a Budget 3 May 2022

Looking for the best acne treatments on a budget? You’re in the right place.  Acne can ruin your day. We’re...

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Rewind: Meet the Cleansing Bar 25 Apr 2022

Oh hey there, welcome to the Carbon Copy Rewind! We’re rewinding the tape (does anyone remember those?) to shed some...

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World Earth Day 🌍 22 Apr 2022

We’re a no-BS company, so we’re not about to pretend that breakouts or climate change don’t exist.  This Earth Day,...

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Skincare Routine for Black Skin 31 Mar 2022

Skincare Routine for Black Skin By Laura-Jo Samuels  I’m sure you’ve heard the well-worn, well-meaning saying, “we’re all the same...

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