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How to get your 'beauty sleep' 30 Mar 2022

So, TikTok has taken over your life and you desperately need to become “that girl”. Same. “That girl” is fit,...

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Q&A with our Retail and Product Executive 28 Mar 2022

We’re back for another meet the team, this week with Jadene Taylor, Carbon Theory’s Retail and Product Executive. Time to...

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How period hormones affect your skin 25 Mar 2022

How period hormones affect your skin By Laura-Jo Samuels Your monthly cycle can bring along a whole host of hormonal...

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We’ve only gone and turned FOUR 18 Feb 2022

We’re all emotional at Carbon Theory HQ today because we’re FOUR YEARS OLD.  And, a lot has happened in four...

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Your Valentine's Day Menu ❤️ 14 Feb 2022

Me Time YEAH, YOU DO. This Valentine’s Day, pick yourself up one of our Mineral Mud Masks. Packed with minerals...

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Here’s how to create a skincare routine (that you’ll *actually* stick to) 1 Feb 2022

Cleanse, tone and moisturise. We’ve all been told it’s the fundamentals of skincare. The three basic things we need to...

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Q&A with our Supply Chain Planner 27 Jan 2022

Carbon Copy sat down with Emma Miller, Carbon Theory’s Supply Chain Planner, to talk about all things skincare, our office...

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Veganuary Beauty Guide 24 Jan 2022

Protect your skin and our planet For 2021, 500,000 people have signed up to go vegan for the month of...

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That’s a WRAP on 2021 31 Dec 2021

Ready for a BRAND-SPANKING New Year? WE ARE.  But, FIRST let’s have a look at what we've achieved in 2021....

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Q&A with our Partnership Manager 22 Dec 2021

CT lifer Pascale Waterson sat down with Carbon Copy to give us all the details on her day to day,...

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What your favourite product says about you 👀 16 Dec 2021

Discover our TOTALLY scientific* test  THE CAN’T-STOP-ALWAYS-IN-A-RUSH You’re the on to go type. We’re talking bus, club, 'nother club, 'nother...

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Your Carbon Theory Christmas gift guide 1 Dec 2021

It’s ALMOST Christmas.  And, the team at Carbon Theory are looking forward to a week of Christmas films, lazy mornings...

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